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Today I’m coming to you live from the futon in my room with some fresh off the boat debauchery straight from the students of Princeton High School. This here is even more appalling than the usual stuff. Honestly, it’s ridiculous- but it would be even more ridiculous for me to come across such ignorance and not utilize it as an example for anyone else harboring the misconception that they can walk around doing dumb stuff like this and not get called out. So here we are.

Right off of Snapchat in a harrowingly recognizable basement, with our classmates front and center. And no, your eyes aren’t playing a trick on you. Yes, that’s a swastika. Double yes- they’re playing Jews vs Nazis beer pong. No again, this isn’t a joke.

Well, perhaps it is a joke. But then I guess the punchline would be: genocide. Pardon me if I don’t find that to be hilarious. The real joke here is that these kids weren’t only insensitive enough to play the game, but also silly enough to post it on Snapchat and leave it there long enough for me, and several others, to take a screenshot.

Putting the picture on social media means that someone was proud enough of the game to want to show it off. Meaning that they must be trapped in the delusional mindset that making a drinking game based off of the Holocaust is cool. Or funny. Or anything besides insane. Because that’s what this is: insanity.

I’m not even Jewish and I’m still offended. This type of behavior makes me believe that this group of guys would readily play “pin the noose on the nigger,” just as readily as they incorporated an “Anne Frank” cup in their noxious little game of pong. Yes, that happened. No, you can’t just make this stuff up.

See, the thing is, if I were in the presence of a bunch of racist teenage boys, who thought it was a good idea to play drinking games which served as a direct reflection of exactly how racist they are, I wouldn’t hesitate to let them know that they’re being racist. But what’s odd is that here, there are Jewish kids partaking in the game.* I kid you not- I went to one of these guy’s bar mitzvah. I think what’s most confusing to me is that they chose to participate in this heinous, anti-Semitic activity as opposed to trying to shut it down. I don’t get it.

And on top of that, why does the implication that this is even remotely okay exist in the first place? Who is permitting these deranged ideologies to develop and materialize in the form of beer pong? We are. Evidently, as a society, we have gone wrong in some way, shape or form. Because the moment that the Holocaust became a running joke was the moment that ignorance outweighed intellect- and that is the death of compassion for human life.

know I’m not the only one who saw this Snapchat story. Yet here I am, the only one saying anything about it. I am unsure as to what’s worse: the static silence from my peers, or the fact that this happened in the first place.

This is indefensible. You can’t make excuses for stuff like this, just like you can’t make excuses for the KKK or 9/11 or the slaughter of 6 million people. Some things are just bad, and this is one of them. Maybe you think I’m overreacting, or that I don’t know how to take a joke. If this is the joke, if this is supposed to be funny- well then you’ll have to excuse me because I simply cannot drink to that.

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*Point of clarification: the Jewish boys did not participate, they only helped set up.

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  1. Congratulations for having the courage for speaking out! Anyone who condones this in the comments (especially the troll… what was his name… burnt toast… ? I dunno. Who the hell cares?), is just as foolish and bigoted as our high school friends here… (And have more than likely played the games themselves and are trying to wipe the guilt and shame off their backs. No such luck.) And true, the bigger issues here isn’t just the tastlessness in their beloved beer pong game, but the underage drinking itself. These kids deserved to be punished, and they need to learn to take responsibility for their actions. And because it was foolishly posted on the net, their actions will of course follow them for life. And to the doofus below who said that the kid posted it for “his friends to see” makes the kid and the commenter look like even bigger jackasses because the picture was OBVIOUSLY NOT SET TO PRIVATE. Therefore, EVERYONE can see it. Also, does the fact that the Jewish kids ONLY set it up but did not drink make it any better? It’s still the same to me… if not worse, by condoning these actions. It just SMACKS of giving 1 breast big thumbs up all around. And for the person who wanted to point out about how African-Americans use the n-word as a term of endearment, let me say that as an African-American woman NO ONE should use ANY derogatory word to describe any member of the human race. Human Race… what a wonderful term. Now when in the hell are going to start acting like it? :/


  2. I’m glad to know that there are people willing to stand up and speak. I admire that and support you.
    As for the point of clarification, I believe our interpretations differ. Regardless of one’s race, gender, creed, etc., one’s participation in a game such as this — set up, rule creation, game play — is still participation.


  3. Jamaica,
    So glad you spoke up! Not only should the kids who participated feel ashamed, but so should their parents. There is nothing funny about genocide. There is nothing to bump beer cups over about the orchestrated murder of 6 million people. Shame on those kids. Shame on their parents.
    Here is what I am sure is true: some, if not all of those kids are headed to college soon, perhaps the top colleges in the nation, and it is appalling that they will bring their ignorance and ugliness to college and beyond if they do not change their attitudes now before it is too late.
    In all seriousness, I hope some of the schools that may have accepted any seniors participating will rethink whether they want them on their campuses and will withdraw their offers of acceptance.
    – an NJ parent and educator


  4. I LOVE that you are speaking out and doing this. Times were different when I went to PHS and outlets like this literally did not exist, but I am so glad they do now and you’re using your voice. Props to you.


  5. So, to feed your own narcissism, you feel compelled to demonstrate that you’re not worthy of anyone’s trust. Thanks for the warning. WTF do you think you’re doing with your faux outrage, when you’re not even Jewish?


    1. Why does she have to be jewish to defend jews. I’m assuming you’re a white privileged frat boy who is probably going to vote for trump. You and your friends are giving white boys a bad name. College is supposed to enhance youre inteligence not turn you into a neo nazi muslim hating homophobe


    2. Oh, please. If only Jews can complain about blatantly anti-Semitic acts, then that means White people can’t fight for civil rights for African Americans and other vulnerable groups, and straight people can’t fight for gay rights, and men can’t fight against sexism … and then what an awful world we’d live in. I am Jewish and I greatly appreciate when people who are not Jewish step up to support the rights and dignity of a group to which they do not even belong. It’s not about being Jewish. It’s about being human.

      Do you know what it’s called when you don’t speak up for others because you’re not in that group? Privilege. Selfishness. Cowardice. An excuse. Yeah, all of that.


      1. Right you are – she has courage – now she has support.

        “ First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Socialist.

        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”



    3. Mr. Cohn, I believe you miss the point. Are you suggesting that Ms. Ponder somehow betrayed your trust? What trust would that be: keeping silent about disgusting, anti-Semitic behavior to protect the perpetrators, simply because she is their fellow student at PHS? What fantasy world are you living in? Oh, it must be the Total Denial of Accountability world.

      You betray your own ignorance labeling her outrage “faux.” Do I have to be an African-American to deplore slavery? A Catholic to decry the sexual abuse of children by priests? A football player to hold the NFL accountable for hiding evidence of the dangers of concussion?

      The worst kind of anti-Semites are the Jewish ones.


    4. During the era of the Holocaust, German authorities targeted groups because of their perceived “racial inferiority”: Jews, Roma (Gypsies), the disabled, and some of the Slavic peoples (Poles, Russians, and others). Other groups were persecuted on political, ideological, and behavioral grounds, among them Communists, Socialists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and homosexuals.
      I think she’s acting like an intelligent young adult with a real sense of humanity and responsibility. If you cannot understand the magnitude of how horrendous this “game” is, then you need to read about the Holocaust. Everyone should be outraged. No where and no one should be exempt from the repercussions of making light of the Holocaust.


    5. STFU bitch bye your are just mad because you are not the one who spoke out about it. BITCH GO SUCK A FUCKING DICK LIKE CG ok you need to go somewhere. it’s not being untrustworthy it’s called doing the right thing which you much not have alot of exsperience with.


    6. You don’t have to be of a like religion, race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, or of a similar background in any way to denounce something that is at its core, despicable, vile and inherently disrespectful to ANYONE.

      To do so, you only need to be a member of the HUMAN race, and to have the decency to admonish such ridiculous and awful behavior.

      Thus, BIG KUDOS to Jamaica for simply acting as any decent person should when confronted by such needless bigotry and hate.


  6. Jamaica, thank you for your intelligent and brave posting. It is comforting to see people willing to expose and speak out against this kind of inappropriate behavior. I hope can ignore the inane comments coming your way; people who feel insecure or threatened by rational reasoning will lash out this way.


  7. It’s bad news for sure, especially for those of us who lost family members to the Nazis. When I was in high school, someone carved a swastika into my dorm room door. He was expelled, but only because I asked the headmaster to do so. It took less than a day. So what do you want to have happen? I get wanting to transcend the war, I really do, but this isn’t the way. I don’t even like when people compare Trump to Hitler because of the singular gravity of the reality of the Holocaust.


  8. A good friend of mine in college (an Ivy) wanted to do a “bier macht frei” tour of various concentration camps in an RV. Some of our best friends were Jewish.


  9. Thank you, Jamaica. You’re one brave young woman. The remainder of your time in high school will probably suck because of the “blame the messenger” mentality. (No doubt some people are angrier at you than they are at the boys who played the offensive game. Because, you know, the outrage is not at the bigotry, but at the exposure of it.) But once you’re out of high school, fasten your seatbelt, lady, because a woman with your heart, intellect, writing skills, and strong sense of social justice can change the world!


    1. YOU GO! I was thinking the same thing about Jamaica. I teared up reading your comment. It’s really amazing seeing young people like her standing up and speaking out for what is right. Light has creeped into a covert racism in this country and with the words “no more political correctness” being uttered from the mouth of DT and the like— the ugliness is coming out of the woodwork feeling empowered and legitimized. The only way to fight against it is to be louder and to not stand by when we see stupidity such as this. Always take the high road. Jamaica, you are an example to your peers and they need you more like you. We all do.


  10. Jamaica, I graduated from PHS in 1986, and I applaud you for speaking up. I hope you stay strong in your voice and values.


  11. Pont n’est besoin d’être juif pour défendre les juifs, quand on a une conscience et que l’est assez intelligent, on agit dans le sens que les juifs ont suffisament souffert pour qu’on les laisse en paix.


  12. There are already so many eloquent, positive, supportive posts that there is nothing left for me to say except to add my thanks. You absolutely did the right thing. We cannot chalk this up to immaturity, “boys being boys.” Boys become men and some of those men become leaders or influencers.


  13. As a Jewish mother and daughter-in-law of a Holocaust survivor, I find this report troubling on many levels. Underage drinking, lack of parental supervision, probable post-event driving under the influence of alcohol and yielding to the poor judgment of peers, for starters. The references to the Jews and Nazis are frightening, and are not the only objectionable behaviors here.

    Is underage drinking (and driving) so common that it need not be condemned?

    Let us imagine the consequences of one of these teens getting in an accident after the party.

    Thank you, Jamaica, for calling out this irresponsible behavior.

    To those who say it was wrong to go public, the teen(s) who shared the photo relinquished any privacy.


  14. I am Jewish and I’m no more offended by this than the movie ‘Inglorious Basterds’ about Jews hunting Nazis. Or someone making a Hitler joke on national TV. The game is clearly not ‘insane’ nor is it about embracing Nazi ideology.


    1. There was a movie or a play(?) – called “Springtime for Hitler.” I would call it the most extreme form of black (sic.) humor. It could be grudgingly said to be within the realm of artistic license. The climate of late has gotten too touchy in my view. I would call these things Very Bad Taste. When does someone ask someone else to stop? A delicate question. When our Christian neighbors (when we lived in Long Island) had a yard sale and for some reason had anti-Jewish comics of a very bad sort, we asked them to take them away and they apologized and did that. For the drinking game I would say “‘not cool,”” and leave it at that. However, painting swastikas – very bad. Our house in Long Island was robbed and swastikas were scrawled on the wall. The perpetrators were so dumb they got the swastika wrong. We informed the police. That is the extent of legal action in many cases. Personally, I focus on realistic legal recourse and don’t sweat the small stuff. In fact, I even laughed at “”Springtime for Hitler,”” even though it was a last resort movie to watch.
      to JP. I lived in Princeton in the 60’s and found it to be a strange place. I participated in housing rights action. I am aware of the history of civil rights in Princeton. Your writing is so good. (I am white, not Jewish.)


      1. Lucinda-
        Beneath the convivial tone of your comment, there lies a latent bigotry and racism that really troubles me. It troubles me because you believe yourself to be an enlightened, educated, liberal voice of reason, bestowing your good counsel upon a poor misguided, student, who needs your counsel. When in reality, you are a classic example of a person in denial about their white privilege and how it distorts their view of reality – despite education and liberal leanings.

        You seem to feel that a bit of housing rights activism in the 60’s and the comic book incident are evidence that you are an ally and are enlightened enough to school Jamaica about what constitutes “very bad” bigotry versus “don’t-sweat-the-small-stuff” bigotry. What you really feel is “entitled” …..Entitled to counsel Jamaica. Entitled to know better. This is white entitlement. I want to ask you a simple question… have you EVER had to experience racism, religious bigotry, or any other kind of persecution simply because you exist? I thought not.

        You mention “The climate of late”. That is an interesting and passive aggressive way to refer to someone. You might as well have said “those people”. Are you referring to Blacks? LGBT? Youth? or is it all minorities and all youth you are being critical of?

        And last but not least, “Springtime for Hitler” was a play within a play, and it was written, produced and directed by the comedic genius Mel Brooks – who was Jewish, by the way. While Brooks initially took some flack for this work, Jewish audiences came around to understand what Brooks was trying to do. In Brooks’ words, “By using the medium of comedy, we can try to rob Hitler of his posthumous power and myths.”

        Again, here is another example of your inflated white privilege makes you believe you have the right to judge how the repressed choose to react to bigotry and hate.


  15. Thank you Jamaica Ponder, for having the courage to do something. My mother and grandparents is/were survirors of the Holocaust.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” George Santayana


  16. Jamaica, few HS students have the integrity and courage to do what you did. Hell, few adults do. I’m sure that the Princeton community is mortified by what this exposé will do to its reputation and real estate prices. Speaking as one who teaches in a wealthy, highly educated suburb of NYC, I have heard so many horror stories (maybe worse than this) of what privileged young people (usually boys, sorry to say) get away with. I can only imagine and hope that the Jewish boys in the room felt incredibly uncomfortable and were, unfortunately, unable to resist the peer pressure and leave. Thank you so much for doing the right thing. Our world needs so many more people like you!


  17. Dear Jamaica, I support your decision to write about this. You are an outstanding citizen. I am inspired by your post. We must all look out for injustices, particularly those that seeming innocent, but absolutely are not. In this case, the behavior reflects badly on the parents and the home environment where perhaps the parents modelled this behavior for their kids. By the way, I read the story about your post in The NY Times. Thank you, Jamaica. You get gold stars from this reader.


  18. How are you not writing for a major newspaper or magazine? Very well written. Wow. Please get accepted to Harvard, and change the world. Thanks.


  19. …and not a blog post to be found on your site about blacks murdering each other every day…but you can get upset about an innocuous game of beer pong. Congrats.


    1. Her post is not intended to decry ignorance, stupidity and prejudice in general. It is specific to the incident at PHS. And something is not “innocuous” just because YOU say so. You betray your ignorance. Or perhaps, your willful minimization of a very serious matter.


  20. I applaud what you did. The fact that they chose THESE symbols says a lot about the young men and their lack of thoughtfulness. NOW they’re worried about their college chances??? They should have thought about that before they started this.


  21. Thank you for speaking up, Jamaica. As survivors are aging and passing away, the Holocaust is becoming a dim light for many. We must never forget. I wonder if the Jewish boys participating in this do so because of unspoken peer pressure.


  22. Jamaica–you give me hope. “Casual (?!)” anti-semitism has been taking hold on liberal college campuses of late with very few students willing to risk the potential for backlash that speaking out against it entails. Standing up publicly against insidious racism and discrimination takes great courage–please add me to your list of ardent admirers. Blog on!


  23. To start, just to remind everyone, only the poster of the snap story was proud enough to put it online. The people in the snap story may not have given their approval to have it posted, thus justifying the blurred faces argument. It seems ridiculous that everyone seems to think that the guy who took the snap story walked around the room and asked everyone if they could post it.

    Secondly, I’d like to add that intent is very different from action. I’ve taken part in this game, and when my friends and I played (years ago), we simply went through different cup formations to decide which would be more challenging and enjoyable to play. Had anyone said anything anti-semetic, I’m sure no one would have laughed, nor would anyone have allowed them to think it was OK for them to say such a thing. However, neither my friends nor I have any prejudice towards others and nothing of the sort was said.

    By your account of people of Jewish descent being present and partaking, it sounds that all potential intent of hate is nullified. (Because hating yourself and your own religion which you still belong to makes no sense)

    Just to point something out to you, if you look at it in a purely rational way, by posting things like this (by things, I mean posts accusing non-hateful people of being disgusting for their insensitivity), you’re only strengthening the divide between the PC and the non-PC. If you had actually found them bullying, or any other hateful act, towards someone because of their descent, everyone would be on your side. That would strengthen the world as a whole.

    I appreciate that you’d like to make this world a nicer place to live, but please do so by blowing the whistle on people that are actually spreading hate, not by causing (potentially huge) problems for people just having fun.


    1. Your comment is misguided. People who make a game of Nazis vs Jews are not innocuous. “Pc”???? Are you suggesting that gaming around with anti-Semitic themes is harmless absent intent to discriminate? Please read your history. People not speaking up is what emboldened the Nazis to persecute the Jews and murder 6 million of them and 5 million others. This kind of ignorance must be stopped at its inception.


      1. I invite you to re-read what I wrote. You’re taking what I said to an unprecedented level. I said it is absolutely our pejorative to stop acts of hate from happening. However, this was clearly not an act of hate. Please read and understand everything you’re replying to before replying to it.


      2. I read your comment very closely. Twice. It’s full of disparagement for a brave person who wanted to call attention to a problem — the ignorance of others and the potential danger of such ignorance. “Blowing the whistle?” She wasn’t trying to make trouble, only express her concern. Somehow you missed that.

        This is perhaps the most egregious aspect of your comment:

        “I appreciate that you’d like to make this world a nicer place to live, but please do so by blowing the whistle on people that are actually spreading hate, not by causing (potentially huge) problems for people just having fun.”

        People just having fun? The fact that you would so minimize the concerns around this behavior demonstrates that you’re as ignorant as they are.

        Over and out.


  24. Jamaica, Ignore the haters. The world is filled with ignorant, self-serving, thoughtless, defensive and belligerent people. You just keep shining your light.

    If you need any reference letters for college, you have hundreds of people who would be happy to write one. 👏 🙋🏾 🏆 🌟

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  25. It would have been so easy for you to ignore this and go on about your business, especially because you are not Jewish, That you had the courage to speak out, is a true testament to your integrity.
    I believe if more people in Germany during the Holocaust were equally appalled as you, 6 million people would probably not have perished.
    Congratulations on doing what so many people would never do. Your sense of what is right will serve you well.


  26. Absolutely on point to publish this and speak out about it. As you point out, if they did not want it public, then they would not have posted it. That they are concerned they may be impacted negatively is a form of buyer’s remorse which I would rephrase for these circumstances, racist’s remorse.


  27. Jamaica — When I read about your blog post in the NYT, I must confess, I wondered if Jewish guys were participating in this game. I kind of suspected they were — proof, maybe that Jewish self-hatred is alive and well.

    I remember seeing an 11-year-old girl back in Hebrew School give the Nazi salute. As the daughter of Holocaust survivors, I can only say I was blown away. I have been wondering about that girl for decades. Was her Nazi salute a sign of Jewish self-deprecatory humor? Self-hatred? Something so existentially coy as to be beyond my humorless comprehension?

    Whatever the explanation for her, and for the guys playing their version of beer pong, you are a brave young woman for telling it like it is. You deserve to be more than “only a little bit famous.”


  28. Jamaica, there is a common Hebrew phrase expressed toward people like you who have done something brave and important: kol hakavod. It roughly translates as “you deserve to be greatly honored.” And so you do – you have demonstrated such strength and integrity in publishing this blog post and bringing such behavior – at best, ignorant, at worst, abhorrent – to light. I am so impressed by you.


  29. Thank you, Jamaica, for bringing this behavior to the light. I admire your courage to call out prejudice. Much love from Seattle, WA


  30. I know that so many people have said this already, but this is such an amazing post! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this.

    I go to a high school with a huge Jewish population. There’s a group of guys who think they’re hilarious because they walk around and yell “Hitler did nothing wrong” (as well as “Saddam Hussein was right”, as if they actually know the first thing about Saddam Hussein).

    Based on this as well as some of your other stuff, you are clearly an amazing writer and a very intelligent person. As for the hate in the comments section, you know that your work has some impact when someone feels the need to react so strongly.


    1. Good to see.

      Town of Princeton Will Host ‘Alcohol Liability’ Forum in May

      The town of Princeton will host a forum on liability issues related to underage drinking in private homes from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on May 18 at the municipal building at 400 Witherspoon Street.

      Princeton Prosecutor Reed Gusciora, police officers, and an emergency room doctor from the University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro will speak at the forum.

      Princeton Council President Lance Liverman said the forum was not organized in response to the underage drinking incident the weekend of April 2 that made international news. He said the forum was scheduled two months ago.

      A photo of several Princeton High School students playing a game called Jew vs. Nazi beer pong in the basement of the home of a prominent Princeton family was sent out on Snapchat the weekend of April 2. A classmate who was shocked and appalled about the photo took a screenshot and wrote a blog post about the photo. Some of the students involved in the game were athletes, and some students were PEP peer leaders. Some of the students at the party were from Cranbury.

      In New Jersey it is not illegal for minors to possess and consume alcohol on private property such as a home, but it is illegal for anyone to serve alcohol to minors or to make a place available for minors to consume alcohol.

      From: Planet Princeton


  31. Wow you should be the poster child of the generation of entitlement. The whole point of the game is to get drunk, it’s not to promote Nazi ideology or to spread anti-Jew propaganda. This is coming from a Jewish person. NONE of the kids playing this game condone anything the Nazis did and I’m sure they think it’s just as atrocious as everyone else. You’re trying to make your classmates seem like they’re Neo-Nazi skinheads that go around beating up Jews and black people. These are innocent teenagers doing something politically incorrect. And before you say they’re not innocent due to underage drinking, how many commenters can actually say they never drank an alcoholic beverage before they turned 21? The real world is not politically correct and we should stop trying to shelter kids so much nowadays. This should be one of the least of our concerns; at least these kids aren’t going around robbing people, selling drugs or committing other felonies like a large number of kids their age. But no one will be outraged about that, they’d rather focus on what a group of harmless teenagers are doing in their own house. It’s also comical that you’re offended even though you aren’t Jewish, give me a fucking break. I’m so tired of these social justice warriors hunting for something to be offended about. If another Jewish person was offended, I wouldn’t agree but at least I could understand where they’re coming from. And to say that they’re proud of being racist and that’s why they put it up is a joke. They just wanted to show people that they were drinking because we’re talking about high schoolers here. Get off of Tumblr for a couple minutes and maybe worry about some real issues going on in this country.


    1. YOU, my friend have a lot of growing up to do. It’s “joking” around like this that leads to another Holocaust. This is not a topic to be taken lightly. This is not a simple act of innocent teenagers doing something politically incorrect. Why do you have to be Jewish to be offended by this? Your comments scream ignorance AND entitlement. Your commentary is as embarrassing and offensive as the very act itself. You call yourself a Jew? I actually do not believe you. And if you are, what happened to you? Your a self loathing Jew, that’s what you are. By the tone of your naive letter I put you as their peer: around 18 years old. If you are older than this-double shame on you. The more I re-read your letter the more I think I’m biting on a troll comment. I have to share the planet with ignorant knuckleheads like you.

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  32. Jamaica-
    First of all, I am impressed that you posted the picture and story at all ….but I am even more impressed that you stuck to your principles and did not give in to those pressuring you to take it down.


  33. Happy parties with your mirror, Jamaica.
    You just don’t know how to have fun. I’m jewish and I laugh on nazi and Holocaust theme.


  34. As a jew who recently graduated from a high school very close to Princeton high, I can say that this is not at all an uncommon sort of thing to happen at high schools in the area. There is a lot of blatant anti-semitism in high schools in the area, even though there is a large jewish population, particularly in the Princeton area. And if it is prominent there, I guarantee you it is even more prevalent elsewhere.

    Why are the Jewish kids also partaking? I suggest that it might be that they’ve found it easier to fit in by going along with the crowd, rather than making a big stink and being outcasts. There is actually prominent racism and bigotry against many groups at this age, not just jews. I guarantee you this group also makes fun of asians, blacks, Indians, Muslims, whatever. If it’s a minority group, high schoolers will discriminate against it. That’s what high school is all about, sorting people into in and out groups.

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  35. This is a horrible thing this girl did. I am Jewish and I am strongly offended by this game. That being said, if I had been at that party then I would have absolutely told these kids to stop doing what they are doing but I would certainly never have put this kind of thing out publicly.

    These kids are not anti Semitic. They played a game which was in very bad taste, but now because this blog was created their futures are tarnished and their reputations tainted. They are not antisemetic, they made a dumb decision but now because of one girls decision to make it public this can never go away. This should have been handled privately, not in the public eye to the point where the New York Times writes an article about a dumb game at a high school party.

    It is awful that these boys are now in this much trouble. They deserved a stern talking to, not suspension and the removal of scholarships for college. I feel awful for them for they now have become victims of a culture which has developed into quickly assuming the worst in people. Instead of feeling offended, making our feelings heard to the offender and moving on, we now feel the need to make a grand show about any little thing, and to label people racists, sexists, or antisemetic when they made a mistake in poor taste. A tragedy.

    This should have been handled so much better by every party. Each offense was worse than the one before. First they play a dumb game, then someone posts it on snapchat, but the kicker is when Jamaica decides that she is going to post the picture publicly and label the kids racists (which isn’t even the right word because Judaism is a religion, not a race). Now this story will never go away and the dumb kids who started this have in my mind, become the victims of a backwards response from a culture of political correctness.


    1. Let’s focus instead on what can be done to use this as an opportunity to educate people in these two communities, parents and students alike.

      Vilifying this girl is not constructive. She had the courage to take a stand.

      Look at their school newspaper. The Tower.

      March 24 th student article about female voices being heard in the classroom.

      Have you considered that if it was handled privately it would not have been addressed? Maybe that’s why.

      Let’s encourage the school and the parents in the two communities to do something constructive.

      Let’s help them look forward and move forward – but also follow up to see what is in fact being done.


      1. I live in a town very close to Princeton. Assuming that education is the issue is unreasonable, they all are not anti Semitic and understand that Holocaust jokes are inappropriate and offensive. This was simply a show of immaturity at 17 years old which may now seriously affect them for years because of this girls decision to put this out publicly. It was not courageous, it was for what I believe to be an attention getting blog post as a proponent for ‘social justice.’ If she was making a stand, she would have confronted the people involved herself or informed an adult, not informed the entire country with a picture of 17 year old’s faces that were not blurred out. Also believe me as well, in my town and in Princeton when there is hard evidence of underage drinking brought to their attention, it is taken very seriously by the administration of schools. This could have and should have been handled privately.


    2. Certainly your opinion. ( sorry – should I say instead it is the truth?)

      I’m with her – and for moving forward.

      I am with these two students who did speak up. There is not a long list of adults standing up Paul Pierce.

      I am not smart enough to ascertain motives.

      I am adult enough to say let’s support this student, let’s help and support the school and parents do so good from this. Time to look forward.

      there are opportunities for learning here.

      This is getting attention for a reason. The New York Times probably does not source many stories from student blogs…

      However, in the two communities involved here the underage drinking – particularly the hosting of these parties by adults – is not addressed. Fact.

      You may want to read one of the articles in Planet Princeton which refers to students who commented that this is not an isolated event, but an every weekend thing, known by a number of parents.

      I can tell you, as a parent of a student at the school, that a number of parents do – in fact – host those parties – and it is not addressed. That is the atmosphere that contributes to this.
      Parents can learn too.

      ( Maybe you can’t handle the truth, “Truth”)


      1. Fair enough to the parents part of your comment. I did not know that adults are hosting these parties, especially parents. If that is true it is a serious problem which should be addressed but it is the students I feel badly for. And the fact is I never said that what happened wasn’t wrong, I said it should not be in the public eye and that it has been greatly blown out of proportion.

        This is unfair to the students who were at this party and now have their reputations smeared publicly and have potential long term consequences. Why should one dumb mistake have this much of an impact on their lives? I can personally vouch for one of them and say that they are not bigoted whatsoever and I feel horribly that they are being treated this way. This is my problem with the student who runs this blog, she posted this article with the faces of the students plain for everyone to see and now they are bigots in a national setting after playing one dumb game. If she had a problem with the students she should have told them herself or told an adult. Not posting it for the world to see.

        Also there are so many people who are complaining about the underage drinking as well, which occurs pretty much everywhere and many of the people complaining likely did it themselves. Is the drinking against the rules and they shouldn’t have done it? Absolutely but I can gaurentee if not for the game and the subsequent blog about it then this never would have gotten attention of this magnitude because the big issue was never the drinking for most people involved.


      2. I hear you. I can’t speak to the students involved or their parents. While I live in the same town, I don’t know them.

        Agree that it happens everywhere. Just think that the parents who do host these should be thinking about how they are continuing to an environment.

        It’s an excellent high school and I’m sure that some learning and good can come from all of this.


    3. Are you that naive to believe that saying to them to not do would have any kind of effect? Smh…she did the right thing and the world needs to know precisely the way how white people like to sweep things under the rug. Obviously “stern talking” doesn’t do a damn thing because many of you parents are incapable of being GOOD PARENTS to your kids. Rich people breed the worst kind of kids, completely out of touch with reality. You guys have absolutely no problem with running to the press about anyone else, but when it comes to you…oh man…you guys had it coming for a very long time…you guys aren’t perfect accepting so cut the shit out.

      The best way to have handled this was making it national and international news so you rich, ignorant assholes can be checked on your backwards way of parenting. Those kids don’t deserve any scholarships of any kind because they’ve shown that they have ZERO RESPECT for a traumatic event in the past.

      Clearly you’re one of those ignorant parents who don’t know any better or either left your nanny/maid to raise your kids so do yourself a favor, open your ass and stick your head in it.


  36. The ignorance of so many people on here just proves why the world sees the US as being ignorant, in denial, and complete idiots.

    I’ve talked to friends outside the US and they think even worse of this country now and the comments they read about this and the people saying it’s not a big deal and how it shouldn’t have been handled publicly just amazes them.

    Just goes to show how rich white people are…insensitive, out of touch from reality, incapable of being good parents to their children (if they’re even raising them). They’re perfectly fine with raising an Ethan Couch, smdh…

    Keep it up folks with the stupid comments, you’re making the entire country look worse to every other nation…good job with destroying our already F’d up reputation.


  37. how ironic that it is Ms Ponder herself who has become the focus of all this ugly noise, as a PHS parent I appreciate the healthy debate her brave decision (and accomplished writing) has engendered & I’ve got no use for the double standard bearers condemning the “drinking games” blog post while excusing the behavior of the beer drinkers who put it on social media in the first place…


  38. From the Princeton Packet:

    “Mr. Liverman said the students were at the home of a prominent family, but he would not name names given the case involves minors.”

    Hmm. I’m not in favor of naming names of the family. Not appropriate, in my opinion. I do not know who they are.

    However, I do think accountability is important. I hope that the officials involved will handle this appropriately, as they would with any other family.

    From Town Topics:

    “It’s an entire country issue,” Mr. Liverman stated. “It happens all over. If you’re a parent, and it happens in your home and you’re aware of it, that’s a problem. People hosting — that’s what we’re trying to impact. Also, I’m not sure these kids understood historically what they were doing.”


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